Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Does STD hate nuns and puppies?

This is a comment made by STD over at The Daily Whackjob

"So is it rocket science to say if you are not blogging against someone, you are supporting them, especially on one of your pet issues?"

Here is a response

"Clearly, this isn’t rocket science to say if you are not blogging against killing nuns and puppies, you are supporting them.
Why do you hate nuns and puppies?! Your silence on the issue clearly infers that you do."

someone has brought into question whether STD has ever posted about loving nuns and puppies, or even cute bunnies, I did some investigative research, and the conclusion was...dun dun dun, no...he has not. The next bit was to see if he ever posted AGAINST killing Nuns, puppies and cute bunnies, NO he has NEVER spoke out against the practice of killing nuns, puppies and cute bunnies!


Can we trust a blogger that hates nuns, puppies, and bunnies?

Instead he likes Mosquitos and rats...STD carries water for Mosquitos! AND Rats!

this in no way is meant to reflect badly on scott sayre

If you find this absurd...you are not alone.

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